Our Story

Smokies Toke Couture was founded in 2012, to fill the void in the market for well crafted cannabis inspired accessories. We are one of the very first upscale cannabis brands. Our founder Pilar Erika Johnson was searching for products for herself, and couldn't find anything that had the quality or style she was seeking, so she decided to craft some pieces herself.  She posted a few items to Etsy, just for fun. Soon the sales started rolling in, and Smokies Toke Couture was a full fledged business.

Based out of San Francisco, we design, craft, and curate elevated cannabis accessories. We craft most designs in–house, and collaborate with a number of artists and printers for the rest. We incorporate hard to find and vintage components into our pieces, making many of them highly collectible.

Committed to the cannabis community, we support several cannabis advocacy groups, and are active in both the Bay Area and national cannabis communities.

We do on occasion create custom designs for clients, for special events and weddings. Please contact us if you would like us to make something special for you.

Photo credit: Natasha Claro Southwick, and Stoney Xochi